As a teen I got into web development as a way of promoting my games (we are talking game maker and Flash days here) that I was making, then I kind of didn't look back.

One thing I remember distinctly from my game making days was how important music (in particular sound effects) was. This is something that is really missing from modern app development. Although I have noticed that quite a few mobile apps are starting to take advantage of sound effects (think the new message 'ding' from FB messenger). 

So why have we dropped sounds from our apps?

I think because these feature was abused in the early days of the web, sound effects were associated with those spammy popup style webites which use to take over our family computers when we wen't on some **Questionable** websites


Im going to cut this blog post short for now – but to round it off I ended up using sound effects in a React app im working on at the moment. I will include a link when it's ready :)

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