We thoroughly recommend Google Apps for our clients looking for a cost effective system for emails, docs and storage (via drive). Google drive is also a very secure way to store files, in fact with their history view you can restore deleted files etc. But google drive is not bulletproof. We’ve seen the following happen:

  • A crypto virus locks files in google drive. You can restore these files manually but for a big drive this would take a long time
  • Google drive can freak out and delete files if the source on the desktop is blank. This could happen if there was a major windows error and the google drive folder was blank (very rare but has happened). In this case you can restore the data, but it is problematic.

Spanning backup solves these problems by providing automated daily backups of google drive. These backups are easy enough to restore too.

We are currently working on getting a reseller licence for Spanning and will be insisting that all of our clients purchase at least 1 licence for their G Suite account. As a way of saving money you can choose to backup on a certain number of your users. If you have a CEO or adminstrator who has access to all folders in google drive then all you need to do is backup this account.

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